Rescue Partners

Rescue Partners are non-profit, 501(c)3 organizations that exist primarily  to take animals from the shelter environment and apply resources to place those animals in safe, loving homes.   Some rescue organizations focus on particular breeds;  others work with mixed-breed animals.  Animal Services currently partners with over 150 rescue organizations,  and in 2017 these partners helped place 2,253 animals.

How to Become a Rescue Partner 

In order for Kern County Animal Services to have a formal, long term relationship with your Rescue organization, we ask that you

  1. Review the program details & application process (PDF)

  2. Print, complete, and sign 2 originals of the above document

  3. Print, complete, and sign the Rescue  Partnership Application (PDF)

  4. Print and complete the  Rescue Foster Home Sheet (PDF)

  5. Put the above plus all items referenced in the program details & application process (PDF) in a packet and submit to

Kern County Animal Services
3951 Fruitvale Ave
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Attn: Rescue Coordinator

We will mail back one fully executed original Agreement for your records. 

How to Find Animals

Rescue PartnersOnce you are a partner, Animal Services will periodically send you information about the animals in our facilities. You can also search our database of Lost/Stray Animals and Adoptable Animals

If you see animals you wish to rescue, email