Wait List and Appointments

Kern County Animal Services is now allowing you to join our wait list and make appointments online! Face coverings are encouraged to enter our facilities due to the COVID-19 precautions being taken.  How to Wear a Mask


You can make an appointment for the following services:

  • Intake - Strays (Dogs only)
  • Rescue Pickup

Make an Appointment

  • Cat Foster Rechecks

Make a Cat Foster Appointment

  • Dog Foster Rechecks

 Make A Dog Foster Appointment


Wait List

You can join the Wait List for the following services:

  • Adoptions (Kennel Walkthrough)
  • General Questions
  • Intake - Strays (Dogs only)
  • Licensing
  • Lost Pets and Redemption
  • Rescue Pickup

Please do not join the wait list until you are parked in the parking lot. Please wait to enter the building until you are notified.

If you do not have a smartphone or tablet please walk up to the Animal Services staff stationed outside the building to add yourself to the wait list.

Join the Wait List