Pet Food Safety Net

Kern County, like most other areas in the nation, is currently facing some serious financial uncertainty. Unemployment, underemployment, unexpected childcare costs and a general uneasiness about our own ability to provide for our families is affecting our friends, family, neighbors, and certainly our own households. Kern County Animal Services recognizes the stress that these uncertainties are placing on pet owners. We love our pets here in Kern County, and we want to keep and care for them, because we know how important our pets are to our overall well-being. Animal Services Pet Food Safety Net program was started to help take one thing off of a pet owners list of things to worry about, and that one thing is pet food.

Thanks to a generous grant received from Maddie’s Fund, coupled with an incredible donation of pet food from the folks at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Kern County Animal Services is currently able to provide immediate, temporary assistance with a short-term supply of dog and cat food for residents of Kern County that are facing financial difficulties that could result in a loss of a family pet or pets. If you find yourself in a position where you aren’t sure how you will feed your pet(s) in the immediate future, we’re here to help.

To request immediate assistance through Kern County Animal Services’ Pet Food Safety Net, simply text the word “petfood” to the number 47177. A short, automated application will be completed through text message. After an application is received, an Animal Services team member will be in contact with you to schedule a drive-thru pickup of a short-term supply of pet food. Program restrictions are as follows:

  • A state-issued identification must be shown at time of pickup.
  • A new application and/or request must be made each time you are in need of assistance.
  • Only one application per household will be permitted.
  • Assistance can be provided for up to 4 animals.
  • Assistance can be provided up to six times, with at least 14 days in between each time of assistance.
  • Requests can only be made during normal business hours.
  • You cannot add any animals to your household while utilizing assistance.
  • All animals you are in need of assistance for must be spayed or neutered in order to receive assistance. If pets require spay or neuter, we may provide low or no-cost options to do so.
  • You may be required to demonstrate financial need for pet food assistance.
  • Eligibility to receive pet food through the Safety Net program will be determined at the sole discretion of Kern County Animal Services.

Please understand that we can only offer this safety net program for a limited time, while our supplies and support last. Although it is our goal to help every pet owner in need, there may be times when we cannot.