Working Cats / Barn Cats

Occasionally, there are cats who enter our facility who are not looking for a comfy couch to sleep on - these cats are looking for a job! They need "employers" of all types to hire them and put them to work. They can provide all natural pest control anywhere that may be needed, such as barns, farms, factories, warehouses, stores, shops or on your private property.

Our Working Cat Program does just that! Interested "employers" email us ( to adopt a cat to help out wherever they are needed.

The best part yet, there is no charge to adopt one of these cats. Vetting included in the adoption is spay/neuter, ear tip and a rabies vaccine.

Are they spayed/neutered?

Yes, all Working Cats are spayed/neutered, Rabies vaccinated, and many are ear-tipped for visual identification.

How much does it cost to adopt a Working Cat?

There is no fee to adopt a working cat. We will need you to provide a form of identification to process the adoption. You will be responsible for ongoing veterinary care (as necessary), food/water, and shelter for your barn cat.

How do I get my cat home?

We will need you to bring a full sized metal cat trap or a medium or large sized crate. We will load the cat for you. Cardboard or soft sided crates are not recommended as the cat could escape on the way home.

What do I do when I bring the cat home?

Your new cat should be confined to an escape-proof room or enclosure (tack room, garage, coop, large dog crate) for at least a week while they acclimate to their new surroundings. Your cat should have access to fresh food/water and a litter box (even if the cat will not have a litter box once released) during the confinement period. Keeping the cat confined during this time allows it to associate the area as its new 'home base' and helps to ensure that it will stick around once released. After releasing your cat, you will then continue to provide fresh food/water daily and allow them access to shelter.

I'm interested in providing shelter for a working/barn cat, what do I do now?

We want to be clear that this an adoption of an animal for the life of the animal. When we refer to your new cat as an "employee" or a Working Cat, it's intended as a fun reference to hiring an employee to perform a job. The job the cat you will be adopting is to keep the rodent population under control using their natural instincts. But please make no mistake, this is your animal after it is adopted, and all of the legal requirements of owning a pet apply to this animal. For more information, or to be placed on our 'Working Cats Wanted' List, contact our Cat Care Coordinator at

*Please Note - We do not specifically intake cats to be sent out as working/barn cats. Cats eligible for our Working Cat Program will not be listed under our current adoptable animals.