Rescue Partners are organizations that exist primarily to take animals from the shelter environment and place those animals in safe, loving homes. The Rescue Partner program was developed by Kern County Animal Services to facilitate the placement of shelter animals that require additional marketing and placement assistance. Some rescue organizations focus on particular breeds; others work with mixed-breed animals. Animal Services currently partners with over 150 rescue organizations, and between 2019 and 2021 these partners helped place 5547 animals.

How to Become a Rescue Partner 

In order for Kern County Animal Services to have a formal, long term relationship with your Rescue organization, we ask that you

  1. Review and sign the Rescue Agreement (PDF), as you will need to upload it with your application
  2. Collect electronic copies of all required supporting documents
  3. Fill out and submit the online Rescue Partnership Application, which will include uploading all of the above documents

After your application has been evaluated and all additional documentation has been received, Kern County Animal Services will be following up to complete the process.

Resources for Existing Rescue Partners

How to Find Animals

How to Update Your Information

Fill out the following with updated information and then email it to