During the COVID-19 outbreak, temporary foster parents may be needed to help house the animals that come into the shelters. Check out our Facebook page for further details.


If you are interested in opening your home and providing socialization and love to a shelter animal, fostering might be for you! Time commitments range from just a weekend to a few weeks to several months, depending on your availability and interests. We rely on hundreds of foster families to provide love and care to our most at-risk dogs and cats.

Why does Kern County Animal Services need Foster Parents?

Each year our shelters take in a large number of animals that cannot be adopted right away because they are either too young, ill or injured. Foster parents give these animals a second chance by providing temporary care and love in their homes until the animals are stronger, healthier and of ready to go to a forever home. 

In 2017 the KCAS foster program helped about 1418 animals.

How does the program work?

  • Foster care providers are matched with animals according to their abilities and the animal's needs.
  • Most basic supplies and all medical care are provided by Kern County Animal Services. 
  • Kern County Animal Services will also provide education and training based on the Foster Parent’s ability and the animal’s need.

How do I become a Foster Parent?

It’s simple to become a Foster Parent.

Step 1: complete the Foster Care Program Application and/or the Horse Foster Application (PDF)

Step 2: Animal Services will coordinate with you for a potential home visit; after that, you will complete and sign a Foster Parent Agreement.

Are there other ways I can help the Foster Program?

Yes!  We always need supplies - see our Foster Care Wishlist on Amazon

Still have questions?

call (661) 868-7131 for interest in cat foster, (661) 868-7130 for interest in dog foster, or email