If you are interested in opening your home and providing socialization and love to a shelter animal, fostering might be for you! Time commitments range from just a weekend to a few weeks to several months, depending on your availability and interests. We rely on hundreds of foster families to provide love and care to our most at-risk dogs and cats. 

Why does Kern County Animal Services need Foster Parents?

Each year our shelters take in a large number of animals that cannot be adopted right away because they are either too young, ill or injured. Foster parents give these animals a second chance by providing temporary care and love in their homes until the animals are stronger, healthier and of ready to go to a forever home.

How does the program work?

  • Foster care providers are matched with animals according to their abilities and the animal's needs.
  • Most basic supplies and all medical care are provided by Kern County Animal Services. 
  • Kern County Animal Services will also provide education and training based on the Foster Parent’s ability and the animal’s need.

How do I become a Foster Parent?

It’s simple to become a Foster Parent.

Step 1: APPLY HERE to fill out a Foster Application online! Or complete the Foster Care Program Application (PDF) and/or the Horse Foster Application (PDF)

Step 2: Animal Services will coordinate with you for a home visit; after that, you will complete and sign a Foster Parent Agreement.

Are there other ways I can help the Foster Program?

Yes!  We always need supplies - see our Foster Care Wishlist on Amazon


For DOG or puppy fostering questions: Call 661-868-7130 or email

For CAT or kitten fostering questions: Call 661-868-7131 or email


Are you a Foster Parent who needs to schedule an appointment?

Are you a Foster Parent who has found an adopter for your Foster Pet?

Please refer to your foster welcome email.