Become A Cheerleader!

You don't have to adopt a pet to save a pet! There are many other ways to help the animals in our shelter. And each and every one of those options save lives.  

One of the most popular ways is by using the power of your friends, family, co-workers, and social media to spotlight an animal in need.  

As you know, we are very active on a variety of social media platforms. We are constantly posting photos, videos, and commentary about the animals in our shelter that are in need of adoption, foster, or rescue. Simply sharing our content on whatever social media platform you choose helps spread the word to more people than we would reach on our own. We truly believe that there is a home for every adoptable pet in our shelter. The more people who see our pets, the more likely they are to find their new forever home. There are nearly 1,000,000 people in Kern County. Even with our social media presence, we only reach a fraction of them. And while you might see our pleas and posts, you probably have a lot of pet-loving friends and family members who don't. You could be the key to the right person, seeing the right pet, at the right time. No matter how big or small your social media "following" is, your share matters!  

*Want to take it a step further? Come down to the shelter! Walk through our kennels. Look at all the dogs. Look at all the cats. See one that touches your heart? Maybe one that's been overlooked? Maybe one you've never seen before? Take a photo. Take a video. And share it! You don't need permission. You don't need an appointment. We WANT you to see our adoptable animals. We WANT you to tell the world about them. The only restriction is that the animals must remain in their kennels. However, if you'd like to meet & greet one of the animals and take some photos and videos of the pet at that time, just let us know! 

*Our STREETS OF BAKERSFIELD Program - Every other Saturday we ask members of the community to take our dogs out of the shelter for an hour or two. Take some photos and/or videos, fill out a "report card" about the dog, then bring the dog back to the shelter. The photos, videos, and report cards are so valuable in showing each dog's true personality and potential. Many of our best behaved and most adoptable dogs get overlooked for one reason or another. This program gives them the chance to shine, to stand out from the crowd, and to show how easily they would fit into a loving home.  

*But there's still and even bigger and better option - Join our VOLUNTEER TEAM! First, there's a short orientation. Soon after, a short session on dog walking and the dos & don'ts of taking dogs out of their kennels. Then, our volunteers are free to take them on walks around our facility and trips to the play yard! Take all the photos and videos you want! Joining our volunteer team gives you the most access to the shelter and to our pets.  

*Not on social media? Come to the shelter and take a photo of a pet you'd like to spread the word about. Print it up and post it on the bulletin board at work, at church, or any other gathering place where other people can see it. Remember, it's just a matter of the right person, seeing the right pet, at the right time. 


Important information to include when promoting a pet - 

  1. Animal's shelter ID#
  2. Animal's name
  3. Male or Female
  4. Approximate age
  5. Approximate weight
  6. Assumed breed
  7. Special traits, tricks, or behaviors
  8. Personal thoughts or feelings about the animal
  9. Shelter info


If someone is interested in an animal you have promoted, here's how they can help -


If they would like to meet a pet in person, they can simply come to the shelter during normal business hours – Monday through Saturday between 10am & 4pm, or Wednesday between 2pm & 7pm. 

If they would like to adopt the pet, and commit to giving it a forever home, they can simply come to the shelter during normal business hours - Monday through Saturday between 10am & 4pm, or Wednesday between 2pm & 7pm. 

They can also adopt a pet over the phone by calling 661-868-7120. If adopted by phone, the pet must be picked up from the shelter in less than 48 hours. 

Adoption fees vary from month to month but are typically $25 or less. Adoption fees are always waived for any pet who has been available for adoption for 30 days or longer. 

All adoptions include spay or neuter surgery cost, first set of vaccinations including a rabies vaccination (if pet is old enough) and a microchip. For residents who live in the unincorporated areas of Kern County or in the contracted city of Tehachapi, dog adoption fees also include a one-year county license. 

Additional adoption information can be found here - Adoptable Animals


To foster one or more dogs or puppies, call 661-868-7130, or email 

To foster one or more cats or kittens, call 661-868-7131, or email 

Fostering an animal is simply providing a temporary home for an animal who needs a safe place to stay until it is ready to be adopted, or until an adopter is found. The amount of time an animal stays with a foster can vary depending on the reason a foster home is needed, and/or how long the foster is able to care for the animal.  

Foster care providers are matched with animals according to their abilities and the animal's needs. 

Most basic supplies and all medical care are provided by Kern County Animal ServicesKern County Animal Services will also provide education and training based on the Foster Parent’s ability and the animal’s need. 

If an animal requires any type of medication or treatment the shelter will provide that as well. 

Fosters are also able to permanently adopt an animal they are fostering at any time. 

Additional foster information can be found here - Foster Information


Being “pulled” by an animal rescue organization is also an option for our shelter animals. These organizations are federally registered, non-profit, 501c3, animal rescue organizations. These organizations take animals from the shelter and provide a safe, healthy, and caring environment for the animal to stay until a permanent home can be found for them. 

If someone associated with an animal rescue organization would like to “pull” one or more animals from our shelter, they should contact our Rescue Coordinator at 661-549-4355 or email 

If a rescue organization has not previously pulled an animal from our shelter, they are asked to fill out a Rescue Agreement and provide additional information about their organization. All of the needed information can be found here - Info For Rescues