Commercial Animal Facility Permit

Kern County Animal Services provides the program/service listed below only to residents who live in the unincorporated areas of Kern County (including the unincorporated municipalities of Frazier Park, Lamont, Mojave, Oildale, and Rosamond) or in the contracted cities of Arvin and Tehachapi. Residents of other incorporated cities will have to go through their city agency for this service.

What is a Commercial Animal Facility

A "Commercial Animal Facility" is defined as any of the following:

Annual Fees

Animal Housing Fee

A Commercial Animal Facility must pay an animal housing fee dependent on the maximum number of animals that are allowed to be housed at the facility. The table below lists the annual amount for the number of animals being housed.

1-10 Dogs and/or Cats: $150

11-19 Dogs and/or Cats: $300

20-49 Dogs and/or Cats: $375

50-100 Dogs and/or Cats: $450

>100 Dogs and/or Cats: $450 ( Plus $10 per Dog/Cat over 100 )

* The annual fee amount when permanently or temporarily housing more than 100 animals is $450 plus $10 per additional animal over 100.

Inspection Fee

In addition to the animal housing fee, a Commercial Animal Facility must pass an annual inspection in order to stay compliant.

Inspections to Ensure Compliance (Per Hour per Officer after Initial Inspection) is $60 per hour and the total cost will include all inspections that occurred.


Complete our online Commercial Animal Facility Permit Application to be considered for a Commercial Animal Facility Permit. When applying, you will be asked to upload an inventory list of all animals currently housed at the facility. Download and fill out our Animal Inventory List and upload it when asked during the application.

After Applying

Once you've submitted the online application along with your animal inventory, you can expect the following to occur:

  1. An officer will be in contact with you to discuss and go over the requirements of a CAF permit.
  2. A property inspection will be done prior to permit approval (view Kennel Checklist).
    • Note: If your facility fails an inspection, you will be given the opportunity to make the necessary changes before an additional inspection. The total inspection fee includes every inspection that has to be performed before your application is approved.
  3. After your application has been approved, the fees are due, and a permit is granted.
  4. Animal Services will conduct annual inspections.

Recent Actions

Recent actions taken in regards to Commercial Animal Facility Permits in unincorporated Kern County will be listed below.

  • May 2, 2024 - Addition of recent CAFP actions to Kern County Animal Services website.