Make a donation to support critical lifesaving programs at Kern County Animal Services. You are the reason KCAS is able to help 16,000 animals each year!

Note: Donations made to Kern County Animal Services are tax-deductible.

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* Kuranda Elevated Pets

* DocuPet Safe & Happy Partnership

Amazon Wish List (Donations will be shipped directly to Kern County Animal Services)

* New or used items that can be dropped off directly at one of our shelters:

  • Dog & cat treats
  • Velveeta cheese
  • Red Barn rolled dog food
  • Kong "spray treats" (the kind that comes in a can)
  • Chicken or turkey baby food
  • Cage scratchers for cats (new)
  • New dog and cat beds (Especially Kuranda elevated pet beds)
  • 48-inch high exercise pens
  • Kongs (all sizes but especially the larger ones)
  • Greenie’s Pill Pockets
  • Newspapers
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Sponges
  • Paper plates and towels
  • Zip-lock bags (gallon and quart sizes)
  • Blankets, towels and sheets
  • Tomahawk humane live traps
  • Trap covers
  • Feral cat den
  • Canned cat food (fish flavored preferred) and cans of tuna fish
  • Cat scratch pads or cat scratch bricks

Items we cannot accept:

  • Anything that is broken, dirty, or missing parts/pieces
  • Comforters, pillows, pillowcases
  • Old clothing (T-shirts, socks)
  • Toner cartridges
  • Old computers and equipment like mice, keyboards, CRT monitors, printers, and scanners
  • Medications and medical supplies, including syringes
  • Topical and oral pesticide products for dogs and cats, including flea and tick products
  • Flea sprays, powders, and foggers for the home
  • Used (already chewed on) dog treats and raw hides
  • Used litter boxes
  • Confetti/shredded paper
  • Homemade dog treats