Spay / Neuter Resources

Kern County Animal Services provides the program/service listed below only to residents who live in the unincorporated areas of Kern County (including the unincorporated municipalities of Frazier Park, Lamont, Mojave, Oildale, and Rosamond) or in the contracted cities of Arvin and Tehachapi. Residents of other incorporated cities should review the below Resources for Pet Owners or contact their city agency.

Which agency should I contact regarding spay/neuter resources?


KCAS promotes the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats in order to prevent overpopulation of unwanted animals. Spaying and neutering is promoted by KCAS through education that encourages residents in the unincorporated areas of Kern County to spay or neuter their cats or dogs.

In the United States there is a tremendous overpopulation of unwanted animals, and this is also true in Kern County. Every year thousands of animals are brought to the shelters that are never redeemed by their owners or adopted to new homes. Our program, as most Animal Services service programs, has far more animals coming into the shelters than we can find homes for, and we don't have the space or funds to keep all these animals.

Note: This page provides resources to help people spay/neuter their pets.  If you need assistance with feral cats, see the Feral Cat Assistance page.

Resources for Pet Owners 

Thank you for choosing to be a responsible pet owner and seeking to spay or neuter your pet. 

Organizations that provide low-cost surgeries (PDF)

Information for Pet Organizations

If your program or spay/neuter clinic would like to be included in our resource list, please email with your program and/or clinic information. 

For temporary programs or clinics, please provide us with your information at least 4 weeks in advance, along with the dates of your event.